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Power Of K

What to say about a few chosen that have decided to change the world of Yachting and tourism for the better. Give them your support and your trust it will be returned with gratitude!

Welcome! This is our dedicated Team. Did we say that we would love to work with you? So dont be shy, get in touch!

Edvin Karic

Edvin Karic


Marketing and branding experience: - since the founding of the Karic-group, head of the various marketing and branding projects including classic advertising, promotions of the traditional products and creating appearence/features/layout of exotic packaging. - worked on different kinds of social, charity, promotional, black-tie and excentric events also spectacles as a managing producer.

Trading experience: Managing background and accomplishing deals in - import industry with saffron, pistacchio, indian ginger and spices from all over the world- export of halal certificated meat from Croatia and Bosnia&Hercegovina, Croatian olive products.

Timmy Pettersson

Timmy Pettersson

BM Sweden

I am one of the two Charter Managers of K-Yachtingworld Sweden.
Do you want to rent a luxury yacht and see the Adriatic Sea with new eyes, experience it like a King or a Queen? I am here to give you the full luxury yacht experience.
In my experience a good trip is when you get home and feel that you want to go back as soon as possible, and I am here to present you with that opportunity, to give you that experience of a life time.

Licensed Driver Kruno Franic

Licensed Driver Kruno Franic

Car Fleet Lead and Logistics

Iam a driver for 12 years with a broad knowledge of Croatia and roads that go through it. Iam driving only the latest and the newest models of cars,because the quality of service and security of our clients is of outmost importance. I hope to see you soon on our seaside!

The Office

We recently love to move the team to Sea. Here is how it looks like if you work with us

Somebody once sad “When you feel the call of the sea, that is the path of no return to the coast” Sounds scary right? Well…the truth of it is…The moment you set foot on the yacht..you just don’t want to leave. Its that simple..